Change in the Air

Transitions are what we are all about here on the farm every year . Whether its the productivity of a day, measured in how well we move from one task to the next, or the timing of a greenhouse seeding that gives a harvestable crop just as another is fading. It’s that place between that makes or breaks us.   I am energized by these transitions, complete one thing, starting another. We have been feeling a little bit of fall in the air this week.  In between the walls of humidity and the cold fronts pushing the storms, there has been that crisp, dry air that rules the days of September and October.  Summer flew by this year but with my favorite season just ahead, I won’t really miss these hot days until February.

Tomatoes This TuesdayIMG_7374

We are moving into peak tomatoes this week and have a unusually large number of tomatoes seconds flats for sale today.  If you are thinking about making sauce or salsa this is your day.  Even if you are not going to pick-up your share today, come by and pick up a flat, 10 pounds for $10.

The End of Blueberries

It has been a quick season this year as the berries have slipped quickly from ripe to gone. We will be raking this week but have stopped taking new orders. All in all this new foray into our own native perennial crop was a success and we hope to add it to our annual list of offerings from this farm.

 Italiano Mindset

Eggplant, basil, tomatoes, arugula, and fennel in the share this week. Put them together and you have a trip to Italy courtesy of your local farm.  Any of these items go well with olive oil, lemon and fresh pepper. Fennel is usally the tough sell amongst these summer favorites.  Try shaving a little on top of your salad or temper and sweeten the anise flavor by roasting slices in butter.  We love to cut it into 1/4″ slices, dipping in egg and covering with breadcrumbs before roasting in ample olive oil until the fennel is soft and the breadcrumbs very brown.

What’s in the Share…













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