Welcome July!

IMG_4962 copySome interesting new items in the share this week…

Say hello to garlic scapes!  This is the flowering head of a garlic plant and looks like a curly-q scallion. Use them as you would a scallion. The give a great sweet garlic flavor when minced into dishes of salad dressings. We like to brush them in olive oil and toss them on the grill until almost black – carmelized garlic goes with everything!

Also delicious is garlic scape pesto.

Baby cabbage makes an early appearance. We plant our cabbage at tight spacing and they grow smaller faster. These “one meal” size heads are great for a quick slaw or stir fry.

Our first zucchini have come in. We will add quality and variety in the weeks to come.

What’s in the Share this week?






Garlic Scapes

Baby Cabbage

Summer Squash

Farm-Raised Chicken?

Kristin and Tom, our super-star farm hands are raising pastured chickens for sale here at the farm. These birds are fed fresh grass, organic grain, and Crystal Spring water.  Roasted or grilled there is nothing like a farm-raised bird. Pre-order birds for your freezer starting this week. A $5 deposit per bird will reserve your order. Finished price will be $4.50/lb. +3.50 for slaughter and packaging.

Fashion in the Raw

Many of you will remember the lovely Jacinda Martinez who was here at Crystal Spring Farm a few years ago.  Where is she now?  Check out this recent article in the Portland Press Herald to learn about her vegetable-based fashion design. She makes stunning art pieces from farm produce.  Follow this link for the full story.


Regular Hours This Week!