Potatoes are Good

What’s in Upic?……

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Cherry Tomatoes

September is here and with it comes cooler weather (thankfully!) and the beginnings of our fall vegetables. Superstar among these is the potato, which arrives this week in force thanks to all of you who showed up today to work with us in the fields. By our estimation we had over fifty folks young and old getting dirty, helping us pick somewhere around 5 tons of spuds! We got some great shots which will you can see if you scroll down the web posting. This help was priceless to all of us in two ways. First, your two hours of help saved the crew what would be about 4 full days of work. Second, all of your joy and enthusiasm keeps us excited and reminds us why we do this work and who we do it for. Thanks.

Canning and preserving demos this week during pickup at the farm. Come watch Kathy Savoie of Maine Cooperative Extension demonstrate the basics of water bath canning. Kathy is also an expert in all types of food preservation and storage (including freezing) and will be on hand from 2-4 on both Tuesday and Friday (September 7th and 10th) to demonstrate and answer questions.

Bags. Please bring bags for your produce. From here out you will need at least 4 or five each week. By bringing used grocery bags you can help us put less plastic into the waste stream.

What to expect in your share this week…

Potatoes               Arugula

Cabbage               Carrots

Kale                     Chard

Peppers                Tomatoes

Asian Greens       Chickories

Pigs. We will be taking orders for whole and half pigs staring this week. Think of bacon, hams and pork chops in your house whenever you what them, all winter long. Talk to us at pickup for more details.