Frosting isn’t Just for Cake

What’s in Upic?……

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Frost arrived this past weekend without much fear or fanfare. The “official” fall frost date for this part of Maine is October 1, based on data from the past 30 years, so everyday beyond this date is a gift. Overnight freezes really do their damage on our light greens crops, lettuce most specifically. The cold temps and the shortening days will be a factor in texture, flavor and storage of this crop from here on out. The silver lining of the frost is that all of the heartier greens like kale will sweeten up in the cold.

In addition to better kale, the frost has also opened the floodgate to a whole host of other crops that need that kiss of ice to sweeten. Look for Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, parsnips, turnips and snaps peas in the next couple weeks. We also have a southern crop that doesn’t like the cold to offer as well, sweet potatoes! These last few weeks of the CSA will be heavy…so please bring lots of bags.

Pumpkins are coming! Whatever you do don’t buy pumpkins for Halloween. Starting next week we’ll be sending you home with pumpkins. We had a good crop of jack-o-lanterns this year so get ready to do some carving! There will be pumpkins available starting next week and the last week of the share as well, so if you are splitting there is no need to cut the pumpkin in half! We shoild have enough for two pumpkins for each share with some extras for families with many kids.

Cabbage crisis. More cabbage this week. This is a really great red cabbage that is some of the best we have ever grown (new asian slaw recipe on the website). A CSA member brought to our attention that on the other side of the world in South Korea there is a major cabbage shortage as heavy rains have caused a crop failure. The country is in a panic as cabbage (napa cabbage) is the main ingredient of kimchi, a fermented dish that they eat with every meal. We don’t know how good we have got it. Here’s a report from NPR that gives you an idea the depth of this problem.

It’s Survey Time! Every fall we ask for your thoughts about the CSA with our annual survey. This is the time to let us know where we are doing well and where you think we could do things better. You are the community support in this farm’s Community Supported Agriculture and we value your thoughts and suggestions. Every year we add to and adapt everything from the varieties we grow to the hours we are open for pickup based on your ideas. Please take a moment to fill out the survey online by following this link… or grab a paper copy at pickup and hand it back.

CSA sign-up for 2011. It’s been a great year and we hope to make next year even better. Your commitment to a share this fall helps us plan for the coming season. By signing up now you also get on our winter payment plan which divides the share cost over three payments in February, April and June. As always, payment in full is great too.

Spring Greens in 2011. With the addition of our new high tunnel we hope to start next years share in May with early greens distributions. Look for more info in our winter newsletters.

What to expect in your share this week…

Lettuce                 Potatoes       Celeriac

Cabbage               Arugula        Carrots

Kale                     Chard          Leeks

Asian Greens       Chickories   Kohlrabi

Winter Squash     Beets            Sweet Potatoes

Crystal Spring Farm Lamb. Order your whole or half lamb processed as you like and fill the freezer for the coming winter. Ask us for information.