Back to Our Roots

Looking at this week’s share there is no mistaking that fall has arrived. Roots are the theme and before you get overwhelmed here’s a quick key to help you put these tasty tubers to use:

  • Celeriac – This is week 3 for this starchy, savory relative of celery. Peel and cube it with potatoes the same size and roast or boil them together. One celeriac to six  potatoes is our favorite ratio. Grate celeriac raw into a salad as well. Here’s how the Brit’s do it …ideas.
  • Turnips – This is the the vegetable that kept Europe alive each winter for millennia! Not enticing? Try this recipe with leeks and carrots.
  • Rutabaga – Also know as swedes, this nuttier, sweeter cousin of the turnip makes a great addition to any soup or stew, Here’s a link to a basic mashed rutabaga recipe that is a sweet crowd pleaser. Add some cumin to make it more exciting.
  • Sweet Potato – These are a no-brainer. Wash, rub the skin with oil and bake whole at 425 until the skin lifts off the flesh. Magic.
  • Carrots – These go any and every way with all of the other roots.
Don’t forget we also have a collection of recipes and storage tips for all of these vegetables on the right sidebar of the website.

Survey Says…

The time has arrived for our annual survey. This is a short online survey we hope you will take a few minutes to complete. We take your comments and ideas very seriously as we start the process of planning the year to come. Take the survey.
Seeking Praise
We would like to ask any and all of you to write us your thoughts via email about what the farm means to you and or how this great adventure in eating has affected you and your family. We hope to post these testimonials on our website to help encourage other to “take the leap” with us next season.

What’s Missing?

Every year we plant fifty different crops and every year we have some that exceed our expectations and others that don’t. Three notable crops that did poorly this year and are missing from the fall lineup are parsnips, pumpkins, and butternut squash. The butternut hurts the most as we had such a bumper crop last year. A hot, dry early summer and a stealthy herd of deer are to blame.

Many Thanks

Many of you have signed up for 2012 and we are so grateful.  Thank you.  Your support allows us to better plan for the coming season and also help us to relax a bit more this fall.

How Late will the CSA Go This Year?

Next week (October 25th and 28th) will be our last regular distribution of produce. We have yet to figure out if we will have a pre-Thanksgiving distribution. Watch the newsletter for updates!

Mac Apples and Cider!

More great fruit from Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus.  Pick up your Macintosh apples & incredible cider.

Apple Picking

Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus on Rt. 9, just off the turnpike is the place to pick apples this fall. This rolling farm has beautiful orchards and Jill shuttles everyone out to the trees on her horse-drawn wagon on Saturdays and Sundays. Here’s the link to their location Willow Pond.

Wolf Pine Winter CSA share Delivered Here!

Get the best Maine has to offer this winter by joining the Wolf Pine Winter CSA. Wolf Pine grows storage produce and buys from other great farmers to make up their winter CSA. The shares are boxed and delivered to Crystal Spring every three weeks November through May.  Option for local meat and pantry shares available. Read more and sign up at Wolf Pine’s website.

What’s in Upic?

Pigs to watch…but nothing left to pick.

What’s in the share?


Sweet Potatoes

Mix and Match Potatoes

Mix and Match Onions








Brussels Sprouts

Bring Bags!

Our eco bags came in finally…don’t forget to bring some from home!