harvest begins…

Welcome to the 2014 Season!

Its been a slow but steady kind of spring this year. The farm apprentices started out on March 31 and we had 2 week sod cold and even a bit of snow and we waited to get into the fields. The days have been warming gradually and have allowed us to have some pretty nice greens and radishes that can sometime bolt this imd of year due to hot days and frosty night -neither of which we have seen since May began. All of us on the farm excited to begin harvesting these plants we have been caring for these past couple months.

We will start harvest this week and you can begin your summer of fresh organic produce this Tuesday or Friday. Here’s the nuts and bolts you need to know…IMG_6476

  • Pick up on Tuesday or Friday from 2-7pm.
  • Please bring bags for your produce. A few bags to separate different items works best. We will have bags here if you arrive without…
  • We will have a spreadsheet for those of you unsure of your balance.
  • In addition to produce we will have cheese, gelato, lamb and maple syrup for sale.

What’s in the share…

We expect glorious greens to dominate the share these first few weeks of June. Coming along quickly are our scallions, beets, broccoli, napa cabbage and strawberries. Soon we will be picking peas and cherry tomatoes in the upic field.

Organic Egg Shares

There is still time to sign up for an egg share! Fresh organic eggs from pastured hens raised by Sparrow Farm in Pittston Maine. The share starts June 16th and runs until October 27th (20 weeks) for $110. Your share guarantees you a dozen eggs when you come each week(big family? buy 2 shares). If you buy organic eggs regularly you know this is a great price for deep orange yolks and white that stand tall and proud. Click here or look for the button on our home page to sign up.

Fish Shares still available

If you have been on the fence about buying a fish share this is the last chance. We are close to having enough members but if we don’t get a few more by Tuesday we will not be able to host this share this year. Check out this awesome selection of ground ands shellfish all coming out of the Gulf of Maine. Here’s the link to the salt and sea website.

Mushroom share

Miane raised and gathered mushrooms for 18 weeks starting next week. Morels, black trumpets, hen of the woods and oysters are just a few of the varieties Oyster creek mushroom will deliver. The price is $207 for 18 weeks. The share begins next week so don’t delay. Here’s the link or find the button on our website.


IMG_6473Some of you who travel our road may have noticed a group of 11 cows in the pasture where we usually have ewes for the summer. These are heifers (young females that have not had calves) that we are grazing for a farmer friend from New Hampshire who is moving (himself and his animals) to Maine this summer. Its been great getting to know a new group of animals. Walking amongst these gentle giants is really satisfying as they work their way though our green landscape.