The day starts early

Great first week….

Hope all of you enjoyed your first share this past week. The greens will keep coming and we have a few other great things on the horizon like beets, kohlrabi and scallions.  Please let us know if you need tips for using your greens in the kitchen.  Next week we’ll send out some favorite and easy recipes for greens!

How do we get your share to you each harvest day?

IMG_6484The night before harvest day, we stack empty barrels high on our flat bed trucks, and sharpen the knives.  The trucks are ready to head down to the field.   In the morning, our seven person crew piles in the trucks one by one and we’re rolling at 6:00 am.  Even on the warmest days our coastal farm is cool this time of day. We usually start with greens, lush and crisp with evening moisture.  Cutting spinach, kale, lettuce, and asian greens into barrels pulled along rows we harvest quickly and load up the trucks with 70, 80 and 90 pound totals of each crop.  If we are fast and the weather cooperates we can get these first tender crops into the barn and start washing before they are warmed by the sun.  We double wash the greens in water tanks, spin excess water out in our spinner, and place on the scale.  One person is in charge of keeping track of total numbers of pounds for each crop.  Finally we stack the bins onto our awesome cargo bikes and head into the cooler, ensuring the produce will chill quickly and keep well in your fridge.  On an average harvest day we will cut 300-400 pounds of just greens.  As we add in root crops, fruiting crops (squash, peppers, tomatoes) and heavier leaves (cabbage, broccoli, etc.) things really get busy and we make several trips between the fields and the washing barn each Tuesday and Friday.   The 2:00 deadline can certainly come fast some days, and feels well worth it when you arrive!


Egg Shares Start next week…still time

We have another week before the egg share begins so there is still time to add eggs to your pick-up each week.  Shares are $110 and run next week through the last week in October.  You can sign up online by clicking the link on our home page.   We will also have eggs for sale this week and every week at CSA pick up.

Mushroom Shares

What could be better that fresh local mushrooms along with your share this summer?   Portobellos, oysters, morels and many more varieties, cultivated and foraged make up your share each week. The share is $207 and runs for 18 weeks starting next week.   For more information on the producer, see their website  To sign up, see the link on our homepage.

Upic Rising

Peas, beans and flowers are thriving in the upic field and we hope to be able to let all of you loose out there around the first week of July. Look to the newsletter from more updates…

IMG_6561Pigs are in their element

Our dozen pigs went onto pasture this week and have already started conditioning what will be next year’s Upic field expansion. Experts at excavation and perennial weed removal these guys are serious workers. Come by and watch their work ethic next time you’re at the farm.

Email list

Please make sure everyone who is part of your family/CSA share is receiving our emails. This is our primary mode of getting info about the CSA to all of you. We are happy to add whomever you would like and they always have the option to unsubscribe…

What’s in the Share this week…


Lettuce Mix




Asian Greens