bugs arrive.

IMG_7024The competition is in the house. This is the first week where we have seen significant numbers of insect pests appear on the farm. It’s late for most of them and I can only guess that they were slowed down by the hard winter and cool spring. Over the years we have moved to planting large crops with particular pests that enjoy them later and later in the year. This generally works to keep these bugs at bay. Pretty simple system: each bug  emerges/arrives at the same time each each year. When they arrive and find no crop they either go elsewhere or starve. When these guys arrive later than usual it short-circuits our system. We’ll just have to hope these late sleepers are the lazy members of the family!

Right around the  cornerIMG_7022

Tomatoes, eggplant and peppers are doing very well and look to be some of our earliest showings for these crops ever. We have great-looking, ripening fruit and hope to start picking these crops in the next couple weeks.

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Snow Peas

Snap Peas

Green Beans