So busy we misplaced spring…

IMG_9589I feel like we went over the falls in a barrel this year.  All of a sudden we went from snow to summer.  The days are warm, and things are growing at such a speed that I can’t feel the ground beneath my feet!  The good news is we are catching up and the greenhouse that has been bursting at the seams for the past six weeks is starting to look empty.  Onions, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant have all gone out in the last week.  Carrots, beets, kale, and lettuce are coming up strong and with any luck we will be starting our harvests on time.

Here’s what’s ahead in the newsletter…

  • When Does the CSA Start?
  • Pick-up and delivery info
  • Newsletter lists: Email contacts
  • Egg Shares
  • Mushroom Shares
  • New member orientation!!!!!
  • Payment link
  • Local food helps with the drought out west
  • Energy alternatives on the farm

When Does the CSA Start?

We will have an answer to this all important question next Monday, May 25 so look for an email from us by then end of the day.

When do we pick up/expect our first box?

Brunswick members: Tuesday or Friday 2:00-7:00, come either day – just once during the week.  You do not need to commit to a day or let us know if you change days.

Portland area delivered shares: Wednesday afternoon delivery.  Check with your site coordinator for the time and where to find your farm box.

Email Contacts!

Please check to see that your your share partners and family members are receiving this email.  If they have not, anyone may be added to the list by following this link.

Egg share

Here’s how it works… You will have a dozen eggs waiting for you each week when  you come to the farm for your share or in your delivery box.  The eggs are from our friends at Sparrow farm who raise their hens on pasture, ensuring they have a diverse diet and orange yolks. The share runs for 20 weeks (June 16-October 27) and is $110. Click here for the link.

Mushroom share

Here’s how it works… You will have a fresh mushrooms each week when  you come to the farm for your share or in your delivery box. Oyster Creek Mushroom Co. raises and wildcrafts these for us.  The share runs for 18 weeks (June 16-October 13) and is $207. Click here for the link.

New Member Orientation!

We invite new members to visit the farm for an informal orientation, to meet us and learn the ropes of the CSA pick up here at the farm.   Please come if you can either Saturday May 30 at 4:00 pm or Sunday May 31 at 4:00.  If you’re not able to come, we will show you around when you do come to pick up your vegetables.  This orientation is geared for Brunswick on-farm members.  

Farm Visits for Portland-area Delivered Share Members!

We invite our Portland-area delivered share members to come visit the farm, meet your farmers, see our operations, and learn how to use the Upic field (this will be available starting in July, more info to come).  Please come either Sunday July 12th at 9:00 am or Saturday July 18th at 4:00 pm.


We are so grateful for all the payments that have come in over the past several months.  If you would like to make a payment, click here (or find the link on our home page as well).  To help keep track of your payments, you will need your member number, which you may find in an emailed receipt.  If you need help, contact Maura –  Thank you!

Doing Your Part to Help with thew California Drought

Your farm share is is helping California reduce its water use!  Agriculture is the majority user of water in that dry state and by eating local with us this summer you are reducing the amount of produce they have to grow and ship east. It’s amazing how much water it takes to grow many common crops! Follow this link to a great article.MaineCommercialBadge (1)

IMG_4987 copyEnergy on the Farm

We take our energy impact very seriously here and are always looking for ways to use less fuel and electricity. By our thinking, the source of our electricity is also important. How electricity is produced,  how and where oil is drilled reflects the impact of our use as well.  With this in mind we have switched to a couple new energy supplies. Starting this winter we joined Maine Green Power which guarantees that our electricity dollars are going towards Maine tidal, hydro, and biomass production. We have also switched to 100 % Maine Biofuel to run our tractors and heat our buildings and greenhouse. Maine Bio sources all of their fuel from recycled sources, mostly restaurant deep friers!  The tractor exhaust smells much better these days!