IMG_9946The formula is slowly coming into balance here at the farm. Just as our harvest started last week the heat and a little water from the sky came together with our warming soil and regular sun to get things going. Maura and I left the farm for a few days to attend my cousins wedding down in Georgia (it was hotter here on Friday!) and came back sunday evening to taller more robust fields of crops. This was heartening as last week’s harvest was lighter than we would have liked, due mostly to the low temps and below normal rainfall.  We are slowly starting to build volume and diversity for your shares.  This week we add salad turnips and broccoli with strawberries and summer squash coming next week.

IMG_9950Upic Builds

Our Upic field is filling up with crops and growing steadily towards the first harvest out there. Our first couple plantings of beans are in and up, tomatoes have a first trellising and we seed our new star, edamame this week. Sugarsnap and snow peas will open the field this year, usually on or about July 4. Look to the newsletter for news of more crops out there and when/how to start picking these favorites for your share.

Egg Share Starts this Week

If you signed up for an egg share please grab a dozen and check your name off the list. We will usually have extra eggs available for sale as well.

Mushroom Share Starts Next Week!

It hasn’t been a slow start just for us. Oyster Creek Mushroom in Damariscotta has also had a pokey start due to weather. The share will start next week (and go an extra week this fall). The great news is if you would still like to add a mushroom share go for it! Follow this link to sign-up online.

What’s in the Share?IMG_9949




Salad Turnips

Asian Greens

Gelato Full-Circle

For the past few years we stocked Gelato Fiasco flavors in the farm store. Josh and Bruno, who own this local company, have used our watermelon, strawberries and cantaloupe to make their amazing frozen concoctions in years past. We love their Gelato as well as their commitment to using local milk and ingredients. This winter we were especially thankful to know them when we got a call that winter weather and trucking mishaps had left them with an oversupply of milk and cream.  Thinking on their feet they gave their local farm a call, hoping we could find a use for a large quantity of beautiful dairy products. We trucked right down to their Brunswick kitchen and loaded over a thousand pounds of dairy onto our trailer in the middle of one of the many brisk February days. Not everyone would be excited by a truckload of dairy products, but I knew our winter pigs would be! The cold froze the milk solid and we were able to share it with our winter friends, thawing a few gallons at a time.