Weather or Not

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 9.37.43 PMMost Mondays I sit down to write this post and have to shake of the obsessive desire to talk about the weather. This one variable of what I do is so big, so uncontrollable that I can never get it completely out of my mind and quite often can’t help but want to burden you readers to boredom with the tidbits of  rainfall per hour or sustained windspeeds.  Weather makes farmers feel like a kids on the playground trying to have fun amongst the next possibility of pain or humiliation at the hands of an older child. When I was a younger farm hand in Western Massachusetts I watched a hail storm blow through our farm and in the matter of 30 seconds take all the crops of late June and transform them into mud.  My boss, who was superhuman in his skill and insight, fell to his knees and cried in front of all the crew that day, then we started re-planting. Come to think of it that really tells the whole story of what its like to farm (minus the good days of course).

Carrots are Back

Our first carrots of the year are here and they are true babies. Unlike the baby carrots at the grocery store that are actually big, grade “B” carrots milled down to size, these are the real deal. Remember April? Remember it snowing the second week of April?  We are supposed to plant our first carrots the second week of April but could not until the first week of May, which is the date for our second planting of carrots. Needless to say both plantings went in the first week of May and if we don’t start harvesting now you will be getting carrots the size (and flavor) of Louisville sluggers pretty soon. Enjoy the tender sweetness (no peeling needed) and take them to your next dinner party or neighborhood cookout and share the magic of real baby carrots.

Greens Break

We are in-between tender greens plantings this week. Salad greens will return next week.

Balance Due?

Is you know or suspect you have a balance due check-in with Maura at pick-up. She will know all.

What’s in the Share this week?




Summer Squash/Cukes



What’s in Upic?

Snow Peas

Snap Peas

Farm-Raised Chicken Still Available!

Kristin and Tom, our super-star farm hands are raising pastured chickens for sale here at the farm. These birds are fed fresh grass, organic grain, and Crystal Spring water.  Roasted or grilled there is nothing like a farm-raised bird. Pre-order birds for your freezer starting this week. A $5 deposit per bird will reserve your order. Finished price will be $4.50/lb. +3.50 for slaughter and packaging.