Summer Unpacks

The heat is here to stay and everything is popping. Of note is our first harvest of summer onions this week. These are the vidalias of the north and are knock your socks off sweet. If you like a slice of onion on a sandwich, on the grill, or some chopped into a salad, this is your lucky day. These onions are only around for a short while and do not store particularly well so enjoy them now!

Balance Due?

If you know or wonder if you have a balance due check-in with Maura at pick-up. She will know all.

What’s in the Share this week?


Summer Squash/Cukes


Summer onions

Napa Cabbage


What’s in Upic?

Snow Peas/Snap Peas (still going)

Green Beans (just starting)

Farm-Raised Chicken Still Available!

Kristin and Tom, our super-star farm hands are raising pastured chickens for sale here at the farm. These birds are fed fresh grass, organic grain, and Crystal Spring water.  Roasted or grilled there is nothing like a farm-raised bird. Pre-order birds for your freezer starting this week. A $5 deposit per bird will reserve your order. Finished price will be $4.50/lb. +3.50 for slaughter and packaging.