Putting it all Together

There is quite a bit of food coming off the farm right now, heading into late August after all.   This abundance can bring both excitement and anxiety.  So many different things to eat…how can we eat all of it?  What we try to remember is that vegetables harvested at the same time generally work well together in a dish.   This was the only way people could make a meal before the advent of air freight from South America and flash freezing.  This is the time to get creative and jump in.  A few ideas from this week’s share that are simple and delicious…

Tomatoes and kale braised in a heavy skillet with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Leeks and Broccoli roasted in a hot oven and tossed in butter and finished with fresh pepper.

Carrots and Cukes sliced and allowed to sit for a few minutes in rice vinegar and sprinkled with sea salt.

Beef Shares

Starting this week we will have beef shares available for sale at pick-up. This is grass-fed, grass-finished beef from the cows we had here at the farm  over the past year.  Enjoy some great grilling before summer comes to a close and fill your freezer with Crystal Spring Farm Grass Fed Beef this winter.   Grass-fed beef is high in healthy Omega-3’s and cancer fighting CLA’s not to mention it tastes great.  This is a smaller beef package than last year and contains 30 pounds of cuts that come frozen and vacuum packed. The price per share is $225 and we have 15 to offer this season and they will be sold first come first served at Tuesday and Friday CSA pick-up. This amount will fit into the standard size family freezer.

Each package will include:

  •  10-14 oz steaks including Delmonico, Sirloin, and NY Strip
  •  Several 2-3 lb Roasts
  •  1lb packages of Ground
  •  1lb packages of Kebobs and Steak Tips
  •  1lb packages of Stew Cubes

Pork for the Freezer

We have a great group of pigs this year. Fed on grain from Maine Beer Company and Allagash Brewing, all of them look great. Order forms for our first round of farm raised pork will be available this week. Pigs are sold as whole or half and processed into cuts as you like them (all bacon is currently not possible).  If you have freezer space and would like to enjoy high quality farm-raised pork this fall and winter talk to us about the details at pick-up.

Farm Yogurt

Incredible farm yogurt will be a regular offering for sale at CSA pick-up…once again low for Tuesday unfortunately, but we will have a new delivery for Friday’s pick-up this week.  This rich cream-at-the-top product of Wholesome Holmstead Farm in Winthrop is some of the best I have ever had.  Perfect with fresh blueberries!  We are gauging your interest with the hope of having them deliver a yogurt/cheese share next year, so please continue to give us your feedback – so far it’s been very positive!

Crystal Spring Pork

We will have pork for sale by the cut  this week.  These are a group of pigs that spent the winter with us eating brewery barley and gelato-based dairy products and so far, they taste great. Browse through the freezer to shop for your next grilling event or Sunday breakfast.

What’s in the Share this week?











What’s in Upic?

Green Beans


Cherry Toms