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Humid air and dry ground. The weird year continues as we scratch up against drought conditions but have swampy air, going on two weeks now. These long foggy mornings are starting to give us some spectacular fungal outbreaks in the fields, problems we don’t usually see until a month from now. The worst of it is trying to take good shots for the newsletter though, everything is washed out and monochromatic blah. Relief is coming at the end of the week though and then fall on its heals…get ready.

Renew Your Share for 2016

Time has come to sign -up for next year’s farm share. Throwing your hat in with us now makes a huge difference for us as we plan our way towards another great season. Those who sign up now can take full advantage of our winter payment plan (not to mention its just done -and you don’t have to remember to do it later!). Your share is great value of fresh organic food that you know is grown well. Joining early allows us to work hard over the winter so we all can have the produce that makes our Maine summer taste so good. Click here for Brunswick Shares and here for Portland Delivered Shares

Golden Beets

FullSizeRenderI have been growing (or trying to grow) golden beets for almost 2 decades now and I finally am happy with the harvest. The variety you are taking home this week, Touchstone, is the fourth “improved” variety I can think of and the only one that delivers a tasty beet of good size that comes anywhere close to the red varieties. I find these beets have a more mild flavor than many of the red varieties but they are not quite as sweet. If someone in your household will not try beets, see if you can get them to try this one. We usually roast them (on a sheet pan, covered with foil @ 425) or boil them until tender, then slide the skins off and toss with olive oil or butter. Companions are goat cheese, lime juice, rosemary and or cumin, finished with sea salt. When I make them, I make a lot and put them in the fridge for snacking, adding to salads or tossing with vinegar and adding to the side of my lunch or dinner plate.

Beef Shares Sold Out- Order Whole and Half Pigs Now!

We will have more info on how to order pork at CSA pick-up, shoot us an email or click here for the digital version

What’s in Upic?

Golden Beets





Sweet Peppers

Ancho Peppers


What’s in Upic?

Green Beans


Cherry Toms