Starting in the Dark

The light is barely there at six a.m. It is always a surprise when this harvest day arrives each year. After a summer of rolling out the drive towards the fields in golden light we start this morning in September in the dark.  The crew with harvest barrels loaded and knives sharpened waits for the sun so we can see what we are cutting.  Work on the cusp of equinox is nothing if not satisfying.  We have made something out of another summer’s heat and rain. The big jobs are done for the year.  In the field everyone knows the tasks, we have common shorthand and jargon for crops, cutting styles and quantities. We don’t need to talk about what we are doing and that makes the work comfortable and more a part of us than something we do.

Renew Your Share for 2016

Many thanks to all of you who have signed up for 2016 already. Throwing your hat in with us now makes a huge difference for us as we plan our way towards another great season. Those who sign up now can take full advantage of our winter payment plan (not to mention its just done – and you don’t have to remember to do it later!). Your share is great value of fresh organic food that you know is grown well. Joining early allows us to work hard over the winter so we all can have the produce that makes our Maine summer taste so good. Click here for Brunswick Shares and here for Portland Delivered Shares

Pork for the Winter

Bacon, ribs, chops; need I same more?  We will have more info on how to order pork at CSA pick-up, shoot us an email or click here for the digital version.

What’s in the Share?

Acorn Squash

Asian Greens




Yellow Onions



What’s in Upic?



Cherry Tomatoes