Deep Green


October is unknowable, at least until we get here. Each year we plant spinach, lettuce mix, tatsoi, etc. in abundance, gambling on the weather for these last few weeks of the CSA. Warm days with rain once a week and nights that don’t turn cold too fast are perfect. Without the extremes all of these crops keep growing and sweeten up in the cool. If stays dry and or we get night temps that crash well below freezing the leaves burn and we are out the cost of seed (and the chance to keep the share diverse in the last weeks). Most of the time this bet pays off an we have some of our best greens of the year and it looks like this year was a good one take the risk.

How Do I Store All this Food…

If you are wondering how to keep the roots and squash in your share around this fall and beyond we have lots of advice on our vegetable storage guide page…

When is the Last Harvest?

Our last share will be the week of October 26th. That means there are 2 weeks of produce after this one.

Renew Your Share for 2016

Many thanks to all of you who have signed up for 2016 already. Throwing your hat in with us now makes a huge difference for us as we plan our way towards another great season. Those who sign up now can take full advantage of our winter payment plan (not to mention its just done – and you don’t have to remember to do it later!). Your share is great value of fresh organic food that you know is grown well. Joining early allows us to work hard over the winter so we all can have the produce that makes our Maine summer taste so good. Click here for Brunswick Shares and here for Portland Delivered Shares

Crystal Spring Honey

We have farm honey available at pick-up. This is from the hives in our fields that are managed by our friend Ken Faulkner. Great for what ails you and pretty god on toast too.

Pork for the Winter

Bacon, ribs, chops; need I same more?  We will have more info on how to order pork at CSA pick-up, shoot us an email or click here for the digital version.

What’s in the Share?


Sweet potatoes


Red Cabbage

Acorn/Sweet Dumpling Squash

Asian Greens






What’s in Upic?