almost there

IMG_1703 IMG_1695 IMG_1693Spring is into summer this year like the flick of a switch. We had 82 here Monday, five days ago was our last frost and five weeks ago it was snowing. All of this makes for some exciting times to bank on predictable growing rates for plants. That said things look great, just moving a bit slow. Many of the fields are still covered in row cover fabric for cold protection. These sheet give us 5 degrees extra at night and fifteen when the sun is shining.

First Pick-up Tuesday June 7 or Friday June 10, 2-7pm here at the farm.


More info next week about what to expect in our first our first share of 2016!


Add great local products to your vegetable share….

Organic eggs, Artisan Bread, Maine mushrooms, farm yogurt and Maine cheeses can all be added to your weekly vegetables. These are outstanding local products that are not available in the grocery store! Check out all of these shares here. Our newest add-on share is Maine cheese. Over twenty weeks you will receive cheeses from four outstanding Maine creameries. Camembert, cheddar, blue, feta and chevre, etc from these great creameries. Here are links to their websites…

New Member Orientation

Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5 at 3pm we will have new member orientation here at the farm. This is not a required event but if you are a new member and are available, its a chance to meet the farmers, see where pick-up will be, tour the greenhouse, and visit the pigs. If you can’t attend, no worries, we will be on hand at each pick-up to show the the ropes!

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