Another cool week for growing food here. While everything is growing it would be great to get some warmer days, or even better warmer nights. Nights in the 40’s go along way to slowing down the growth of of of the crops we have here. Soils cool and nutrients become less available to roots and the whole process of growing does’t start full steam again until the temps get above 55-60. The cold days are tough on the crew as well as we bundle up each morning, braced against the wind. These layers fill the farm trucks during the midday hours and as the day comes to a close we put them back on again, a process that we usually know well in April and October, not so much in June.

IMG_1961We have a really outstanding looking tomato crop this year thanks largely to Kristin and Corinne, our field and crew managers, who took on changing our system for planting and trellising this crop. Strong, stout plants and pumping out fruit and flowers ahead of years past and with a vigor we have not seen in a long time.

Better than a Radish

Mentioning the crop turnips is not something that makes most people get excited. We all think of the corse storage root and maybe register it’s place in history, keeping northern europe alive during many centuries of dark winters, but generally turnips don’t excite anyone. This week we will try to change that with the out of this world salad turnip. This is a turnip but it is sweet, creamy and nothing short go incredible. Used them interchangeably as you would a radish. On our weekly field walk yesterday I was bowled over by the IMG_5976flavor, sweetness and creaminess. Give these a try sliced raw on a salad, splash them with a light vinegar (rice or apple cider) or just hoard them and eat them all before your family finds them.

Garlic Scapes

our garlic is growing well and our teaser offering for the real thing is the scape. This is the garlic flower and is quite tasty and an easy way to add some sweet garlic flavor to a salad or dish. Our usually get used a couple ways, tossed in the blender when we are making salad dressing or brushed with olive oil and tossed on the grill until they are soft and slightly charred.

What’s Coming…

Lots of great stuff on the way in the next couple weeks. Look for strawberries, zucchini, cabbage, scallions and beets soon.


Our Upic field will be opening soon and members are welcome come pick on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays all day. Keep an eye out for the official opening in the newsletter or in a special email notice if the strawberries come in before the beginning of the week!

Add-0n Shares

Thanks to all who signed up for our add-on shares. We are looking forward to having al of this great food paired up with our produce this year. If you still are interested in adding one of these shares let us know via email and we can add you in the coming weeks. Many folks have suggested that we offer a wine and toilet paper share too and then they would never have to go to the grocery store!

What’s in the share…



Salad Turnips/Radishes




Garlic Scapes


Storage potatoes