We’ll Believe it When We See it

IMG_2177Promised rain is like expected MPG ratings or return on investment projections, it’s hard to count on them until the rubber meets the road or the check arrives. We have been looking to the skies via satellite and reading wonky NOAA forecasts for the past month and at this point are wondering if we need to sacrifice a chicken or convene some kind of drum circle to get some real precipitation. The past few events of clouds and showers have given the crew a break from the sun but not done much more for the soil than make the dust wet. Last night’s rains gave us .006 inches. This is not enough to get to the roots of anything we grow but it did go a long way towards rinsing the dust off everything, making for cleaner produce in today’s harvest. If anyone has strings to pull or a hotline to some greater power, throw your weight be hind some rain.

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