pencil you in

We have settled into our summer schedule here at the farm. All of our big crops are in the ground and while there is still some planting to do and an endless effort keeping up with weeds we have started down the road of spending the majority of our time harvesting. Tomatoes and peppers look great this year and our staple carrots are just a week or two away. As we add these crops to the mix they really fill up our schedule. In a few weeks our routine will look like this: digging carrots and bunching scallions on Monday and Thursday afternoons, picking tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and cukes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, everything else Tuesday and Friday mornings. You add the cleaning and sorting to all of these crops and soon we will really be working to carve out time for trellising tomatoes or transplanting lettuce. All of this reaches a crescendo in September when the summer crops keep coming and we add in 5 tons of potatoes and 3 tons of winter squash…but lets not get there too soon.

The World’s Best Yogurt…

Wholesome Holmstead works some kind of magic to create their yogurt for us each week. I keep finding new ways to incorporate it into 3 meals a day, lately a dollop on top of everything from soup to ice cream. If you have been trying this stuff out and have a jar or six at home please bring them back. We worked hard with them to get rid of the cumbersome deposit system of last year but having jars and lids come back is a savings. You can place them in the milk crate sitting near the cooler in the CSA barn.

What’s in the share…









What’s in Upic…