IMG_2229IMG_2244Another hot dry week ahead. All this dry is slowing the crops (and us) down a bit. It rained enough this weekend to kill some barbecues but we gathered only .15 inches out of the dreariness. Over the past couple weeks there have been a few casualties in our asian/salad greens plantings to bolting. This is when the crop passes through vegetative stage (making leaves) quickly and moves right into reproductive stage (making flowers and seeds). This is always the result of stress, which in this case is due to the heat and dry. For these leafy crops it means we lose any chance to cut them and while we have not had a lot of this it does impact the diversity in the share. I don’t want to farm in the mid-atlantic but I am coveting their rainfall this year.

We have been waiting patiently for our first carrot harvest and while they are close they need another week to size up all the way. This is a great crop for us but it is not one that thrives in heat. That said many of our heat lovers like tomatoes, eggplant and melons are doing very well and should be coming along soon.


Garlic came out of the field this past week and with the help of a couple major fans is drying down in the barn. If it stays hot and dry we may see the first heads in your shares in next month. If the planets align as planned we will have basil tomatoes and garlic at the same time…the great summer trinity.

What’s in the share…



Lettuce Mix





What’s in Upic…

Snow and Snap Peas