The transition to fall is here and we have the produce to prove it. After a rip snorter of a storm on Sunday the switch was thrown and here we are. The farm woke up to 39 degrees this Monday morning and I had to start my day finding the hoodie I have forgotten about since I put it down in the barn in May. (Just as a note, this is the kind of farm problem I love).

img_2786Enjoy the Sugar Dumpling squash in your share this week. It’s a favorite of ours and does well simply roasted in a 375 degree oven face down for  about and hour. I love to pull it out, bathe it in butter, salt and maybe a bit of brown sugar or maple syrup before eating the whole thing (skin too, it’s thin and tasty). Nothing says fall like a good excuse to turn on the oven and smell something lovely filling the house.

Greens are back too. Spinach is in abundance this week along with some of our more interesting asian greens, all topped off with spicy watermelon radishes (they as very red inside).


What’s in the Share




Asian Greens


Winter Squash



What’s in Upic


Cherry Toms (waning)