Last Days of Summer

Its the last fews days of an exceptional summer.   Sometimes I speak of biblical plagues on the farm like unstoppable pests, unrelenting drought, etc.  This summer my references trended more toward the miracles. Like wine from water or feeding everyone with a few loaves and a couple fish, we have pulled an amazing amount of great flavor and quality from a hot dusty few months. Years like this (once we pass through them) make me believe again in the strength of the farm as an organism, resilient beyond a bad season. As the days shorten and we move into cooler days (and hopefully some rainfall) I look forward to giving the fields a rest, planting them with something other than hungry vegetables and dreaming up another season.

How appropriate that we have winter squash and watermelon the same week of equinox? What could be better? This watermelon is one of my favorites. Peace is the variety and it is meant to be yellow (don’t worry).

Watermelon Radishimg_2807

This new addition to the farm lineup is a favorite. These big radishes and flavorful and beautiful. It’s hard not to take a photo before you enjoy them. Our favorite way right now is sliced thin with a splash of rice vinegar. We put them out anytime of day and the kids go nuts.


What’s in the Share







Hot mustard

Gold Beets



Watermelon Radishes

Bok Choi (big!)

Acorn squash

What’s in Upic

Butter beans (use like edamame)