Hurricanes that miss their mark, first frost, and the last two weeks of harvest. So many things to sigh and or exhale about this time of year. Like the trees this fall the season seems to have turned with the flip of a switch. Last week we were still in our short sleeves at 7am and now we are rolling out the row fabric to keep the greens going while the temperatures dive. It’s all dramatic and exciting if we step out of our working, but minute by minute we make our small adjustments and keep getting the day’s work done.

With all of my worrying and wondering about water this this year I have not had a moments doubt about our crew. We somehow ended up with some of the best people on the planet this season and their efforts every hour of each day made this season a great success.

Stock the Freezer Sale

We have a fall “Stock the Freezer” sale going the next couple weeks.  Buy 10 pounds or more of our ground pork, ground beef, or ground lamb for a dollar off per pound.

10lbs Pork or Beef for $70, 10lbs lamb for $60…

We also have 10lb flats of frozen tomato seconds for $10.

Last Week of Mushroom Share…

Our mushroom farmer had a calendar error and did not deliver the last week of mushrooms last week. Make sure not to miss yours this week.

Thank you for signing up for 2017!!

Our appreciation is deep for everyone who has signed up with us for 2017. CSA is a unique collaboration between your families and this farm. By joining now you put your money where your mouth is, supporting local organic food. You also get a great deal. Where else can you buy fresh local organic produce for around $1.50 per pound, pick flowers and strawberries, and swap recipes with the people who grow your food?  Thank you! Still need to sign up? Here’s the link.

When is the Season Over?

We are planning to have our last harvest of the regular farm season the week of October 24th. The last pick-ups will be Tuesday the 24 and Friday the 28th.

 What’s in the Share?


Asian Greens





Sweet Dumpling Squash


Hakuri Salad Turnips

Red Cabbage