We are fully underway! After a very slow and cold April we have been in the fields for the past few days. When spring doesn’t follow the schedule we get a backlog in the greenhouse as the seedlings wait to go in the ground. Last week every square foot of space was filled by plants and we were hatching plans like using mirrors to redirect sunlight on the snow still covering many fields. Luckily we were able to import some Florida weather for a few days and thaw out!

Open Fields!

The crew has been working hard planting beets, chard, spinach, broccoli and cabbage the past few days. This time of year as the weather swings up and down planting also means covering with large fabric row covers to protect the seedlings from both temperature swings and numerous pests that emerge and have little else to eat but our tender crops. This step slows the process of planting our backlog of seedlings but Virginia, Alessia, Sarah and I have been powering through. There is nothing more exciting than trying to get a 40 by 350 foot piece of fabric to lay down in fifteen mile and hour winds at the end of the day.

All in all, even with the slow release of winter’s grip this year, we are on track to begin harvesting for all of you the first week or June.

Shares Going Fast…

We still have both Brunswick and Portland-area delivered shares available although they have been going quickly the last week as everyone realizes winter is actually going to end this year. As always please sign up online (look for the green and orange buttons to the right of this page) where we have payment options.

Add-on the Best of Maine

In  addition to vegetable share there are also some great add-on shares to make your weekly trip to the farm or delivered box even more satisfying. These are products that we love and want to share with all of you. Here’s a list of this season’s add-ons and the farms/artisans that produce them. Sign-up for them all here!

  • Farmstead Yogurt Share: Cream at the top style from grass-fed Guersey cows at Wholesome Holmstead Farm, Manchester, Maine
  • Farmstead Cheese Share: Hard and soft cheeses from Winter Hill Farm, Tide Mill Creamery, Wholesome Holmstead Farm and Barred Owl Creamery
  • Organic Egg Share: Brown eggs from pastured hens at Sparrow Farm, Pittston, Maine
  • Organic Mushroom Share: Maine grown organic mushrooms from Mousam Mushroom Co. in Sanford, Maine (new grower this year)
  • Artisan Bread Share: Rotating Artisan Loaves from Standard Baking Co. in Portland (recent James Beard Award winner)
  • Late Fall Vegetable Share: Our own storage and greenhouse produce November-December
  • Fresh Fish: Order fresh fish weekly from Port Clyde Fisherman’s Coop and pick it up with your share.
  • Flower Bouquet Share: New this year!

Abundant Bouquets along with your produce! The best Mother’s/Father’s Day Gift!

This year we are offering lush flower bouquets each week with you share. For twelve weeks from late June-September your bouquets will be cut and arranged from our dedicated flower garden (not upic). Anemones, exotic poppies, dahlias and sweet peas are just a few of the varieties. A weekly bouquet as a gift for your Mother or Father on their day will knock their socks off! This is a starter project by dedicated crew member and second year farm apprentice Virginia. More info and sign-up here.