More deep summer vegetables this week with basil, tomatoes and Italian summer onions leading the lineup.  Some great simple meals can come together here by adding a sharp knife and some olive oil. We have many lovely greens in the field; lettuce, chard and the like, but they are not quite harvestable this week. With hope and luck we are looking to some measurable rain as the week wears on into the weekend.

Harvest of our first fall crops has also begun as we have started to pull rows and rows of onions out of the fields and into the greenhouse to dry down and cure. This is one of my favorite farm tasks both because of the shear volume of onions we gather but also the process of setting them out in honeycomb patterns on the floor of our  propagation house. Over the next weeks the stems and leaves will wither and seal off the onion making it hardy and storable.

Labor on Labor Day Potato Harvest

Our favorite Crystal Spring Farm tradition returns this year!  Join us on Labor Day (September 4) to help harvest our potato crop. This is a great community event where we use our digging machine to lift the spuds and then you join us to help us gather them up! We start at 10am in the fields. Please join us!

Organic Maine Wild Blueberries

Order organic Maine wild blueberries this week! Quarts are $9 and will be delivered over the next 2 weeks. Order online here.   **Please note we are not able to take orders via phone or email as in years past.

Farm Raised Pork

We will star taking orders for whole and half pigs this week. If you have never had farm raised pork it is like nothing the grocery store has to offer. Raised on pasture and fed organic grain (in addition to gelato) our pork tastes great and you know where the animals came from and how they lived.  Ask us for a info/sign-up sheet at pick-up or download one here.


Might you need flowers for an event or holiday? Or simply want to enjoy them on your table at home?  Send us an email and we can put together arrangements large or small. (

What’s in the Share

  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Basil
  • Summer Squash
  • Tropea Onions
  • Carrots

What’s in Upic

  • Beans (new planting)
  • Flowers
  • Mixed Herbs
  • Hot Peppers
  • Cherry Tomatoes