Happy New year

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A month ago amidst the scurry of holidays and the last Fall Share harvest/pick-up we were really looking forward to deep winter. Short days and less to do outside is a welcome change at the end of a farm season.  Now, one month later, on the other side of this Siberian-cold, my head has turned towards optimism for spring.  Our days are filled assembling all the moving pieces that will allow us to work the farm for another year.

Website Refreshed

Part of our indoor time has been spent rebuilding this website from the ground up. New format, new information and new photos. Click around and explore. Yet to be completed are pages on the crew and the history of the farm. If anyone with local history passion has an interest in helping with some research on this last one I'd love some help.

CSA Evolution

Exciting changes are taking place in our harvest and pick up process as we increase the element of choice in our CSA share. For all the positive feedback we hear year after year, we are always looking at areas to tweak and shift to make the experience even better.  Some members have expressed concern that they take home produce they didn't want or couldn't use, which made them question the value of their share as a whole. This is a common issue within the traditional CSA model.  As you know, we've recognized this lack of choice inherent in a CSA share and offered "Mix and Match" items.  Our new system will expand on the "mix and match" to include ALL produce.  For example, if we have twelve crops available, you will have the option of choosing eight. Our intention is to provide everyone some flexibility even those of you who "love everything." You may be over the moon for spinach but still have a full bag in the crisper from last week. This system who allow you the flexibility to bring home something else.Those of you that have signed up already for 2018 may remember a quick survey that asked you to rate all of our crops by either liking them or not. In the coming weeks we will take the results of this survey and create a growing plan that mirrors your likes and dislikes, growing more quantity of your favorites while at the same time trying to bring more diversity in the total number of crops and varieties we have each week. The combination of these two changes will allow you to take home vegetables that make you happy, including the option of taking home the kohlrabi and baby bok choi that we have so successfully brainwashed you into loving. The overall quantity of produce you take home will compare with what we have offered in past seasons with the big change being an increase in the diversity of crops we have to offer each week. 

Maura and I realize that change can be unsettling and knowing what to expect from your farm share has been a comforting thing to so many of you that have been members for so long. That said, we really believe that this adjustment to the way we do things will be a great update!

Sign-up for 2018 open

Join the collective dream of spring and sign up for your share today. New this year, your add-on shares can be folded into your payment plan and all run automatically on your card/echeck. You can also send a check in the mail if you prefer. Here's the link.

Winter Staples to Tide you Over

We've heard you are missing our carrots....  As many of you know we grow produce for a few restaurants and processors (pickle/sauerkraut makers). We had a good year for many of these crops and have more in storage than we will need to fill our standing orders. Knowing it's winter and we are all craving living food we thought we would try a winter staple bulk order open to all of you. Here's how it will work: look for our email at the beginning of next week with a list of what we have available (7 pound bags of carrots, 5 pound bags of beets, green cabbage by the head, etc). Place your order via our online form (link will be in the email) and come by and pick up your produce. We are looking at Wednesday February 7 as the pick-up date. We will also have organic eggs and sliced sandwich loaves from standard baking (we squirrel these away in the freezer for quick toast/sandwich options). Stay tuned for the email on Monday.