It's really not that bad. This spring has been psychological warfare on Mainers. I know this because everyone I talk to is sure that the season is late, unusually cold, dark, (add your negative adjective here). There is something to be said about being really busy during this time of year, all of us on the farm crew have just kept our heads down and plowed through (soil plow, not snow). We have have been in the fields prepping and planting for more than a week and looking back at our instagram feed we are a day ahead of our requisite "first transplanting" post. With the exception of the coming mega-flood-mythical-cyclone weather channel hyperbole event coming next week the long-range forecast looks good. 

Crops in the ground so far are beets, carrots, kales, chard, chickories, asian greens, lettuce and peas. In the next week onions, strawberries (for the 2019 crop), mini broccoli, cabbage, and scallions should go out. We also have a couple tunnels to build and get irrigation set for the season. 

CSA shares for both our Brunswick on-farm and Delivered shares are selling very quickly now that the weather has turned. If you haven't signed up yet please do as we expect to sell out. Here's the link for On-farm shares and Delivered Shares. Thanks so much to those who have become members this winter. Your commitment early makes this model work. 

Add-on Shares 

The bouquet share is back! Kim is taking the reigns of the ever popular 10 week share and is bringing her deep botanical skills to create what will be some knock-out arrangements. Filling your home with the color and scent of a bouquet share is truly the icing on the cake of your weekly farm produce experience. For more info and to sign-up click here.

Want more than flowers? Here's our offering of add-ons this year:

Compost at the farm...

Running a farm is all about circles. Occasionally running in them but mostly finding the interconnectedness between what we put into the soil and what we take out. For years we have been wanting to close the loop with all the produce we send off the farm and all the trimmings and leftovers that go to the landfill. This season we are trialing a new program for on-farm shares that will allow you to bring your food waste back to the farm each week which we will then compost and return to the field. We have a system that will allow you to bring clean buckets home each week, fill them up with your food waste, drop them at the farm when you come for your share, and take home a clean one to repeat the process the next week. The farm gets a regular source of compost and you get to send less to the landfill, reducing your waste footprint. More info in the coming weeks...