And...we're off! Let the harvest begin! We are excited to announce the start of harvest next week with on-farm CSA pick-up on Tuesday June 5th or Friday June 8th. Come anytime, either day, between 2:00-7:00 p.m. The greens look great, the strawberries are in heavy flower, and zucchini is on track to make its earliest appearance ever. The crew has been going all out to keep us on track the past month. They have come in early, stayed late, and spent more than a few weekend days on a tractor. Maura and I are very grateful to have such a dedicated team this year.

While it has not been the warmest of years it has also lacked the extremes of highs and lows, which if you are a plant is the better way to go. We often lose early sowings of arugula and radishes that stress out in the hot-cold temperature yoyo and go to flower before we can harvest them. With moderate temperatures working with us my only wish now is for a good soaking rain.  For the past two years southern Maine has  been shut out by a jet stream that sends storm after storm through Massachusetts to the south and Quebec to the North. I'm pining for the days when we had a wet spring and didn't need to worry about irrigation until July!

Add-on Samples

Add-on shares will formally start in the third week of pick-up.  This first week we will have samples for you to try as you come for your produce. The products are some of the best that Maine has to offer and we think they really add to the produce we grow to make an unmatched Maine summer eating experience. Want to refresh your memory as to what we offer for add-on shares? Click here. You can also order these add-on from this link.

What to Bring for Your First Pick-Up

Please bring bags to pack your produce into as well a larger tote to carry everything home. We will always have new smaller plastic bags but the fewer of these we have to bring into the world the better.