And We Are Off

The farm season is officially underway this week as we start our CSA pickups at the farm. As I write we are getting our first rain in many weeks and I can almost hear the ground drawing the moisture in. This is our third "dry" spring in a row. Our hope is that this year's the lack of rain isn't drawn all the way through summer and into fall like the last two seasons. Fifteen years ago when we started this farm, spring was wet and cold with the sun coming out just enough to keep the plants (and people) alive until July came. July was dry and first half of August too before fall rain began and fell regularly right until it changed over to snow. Is this May-September dry season the new normal? Time will tell but until then we keep irrigating and enjoying these few days of cold wet.

We are cow sitting agin this season for our friends and Old Crow Ranch. These 11 Angus crosses will be with us for the next 8-10 week eating our grass and pooping everywhere. Just the way we like it.

Compost program buckets will be ready for those that want to jump into the pilot program....

Pick-Up Your Share

Come to the farm this week on Tuesday or Friday, 2-7pm for produce. Please bring bags to carry your share home.

Add-On Shares, Take Them for a Test Drive

Add-On shares of yogurt, cheese, eggs, mushrooms and bread will begin in two weeks. This week we will have samples of bread, cheese and yogurt.

What's in the Share






What's in Upic