We have reached fluidity. Not the kind that comes from the sky unfortunately but almost as good as far as the farm is concerned. Each summer we hit a point where the length of the the to do list meets our peak in productivity and we surf the zero sum of tasks being completed as new ones are added to the list. The board is still full and there is no end in sight but there is a balance (of sorts). Last week we finished hand weeding an acre of onions, set 5,000 sweet potato plants, sowed down 3.5 acres to green manure crops and figured out how to harvest and pack for our new delivered share software system. This week we added hand weeding .25 acres of carrots, prepping 2 acres for canteloupe/watermelon, pruning and tying 1000 tomato plants (along with a few other things). The completion of the old task fuels the desire to jump into the next.To those with very structured days or clearly separated work and home lives, finding satisfaction from the perpetuation of a work cycle instead of it's end may be a foreign concept. If you have ever owned a small business (or grew up in a family that ran one) you will likely know what I'm talking about. It can be thrilling and very tiring to work towards more work but nothing beats riding that crest in-between the end and the beginning...especially if you can keep a good sense of humor through it all.

So Much Good Stuff on the Way

We have been a little light in the greens department this spring. Dry days, excessive pests (look up leaf miner for some gruesome pics) and variable growth have all hampered our expected harvests to date. That said there is a lot of great food coming in the next few weeks. Strawberries are really close, spring onions (something new for us) will be in next week and lettuce, though moving slowly is making good progress. It's been great to see all of you at the farm and your excitement is infectious to all of us.  Thank you!

We Like Leftovers

We have a good supply of Crystal Spring Farm compost buckets at pickup! Composting has never been easier!  Toss in your vegetable trimmings, produce leftovers, and other kitchen scraps.  Each week simply leave your full bucket at the farm & grab an empty one.  After some time in our big compost pile on the farm, we will spread this "black gold" on the fields. Buckets are $6 and have a cool farm sticker on them....

What's in the share...



Summer Squash



What's in Upic