Here comes the cold. We frantically harvested tender greens today and will cut more tomorrow for Friday. The winter blanket of Canadian air behind the windstorm is going to snap us all back on track with the fact it is mid October. We had our first two killing frosts this weekend with 29 and 30 and the forecast for Thursday night is 28 which usually means 24 for us out on the farm. Our white crop covers give us about 5 degrees so hearty stuff under cover like chard will be fine. Cabbage and beets outside the cover will also fair well as they can handle down to about 20 without damage. Lettuce on the other hand...not a Maine native.

See you all at the farm for our second to last pickup this week.

Fall Shares Still Available

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Fall Meat Shares Available!

As in past years we have great meat products from local farms to fill your freezer this winter!

Grass-fed Beef Share- Clarkhaven Farm in Skowhegan raises 100% grass-fed beef that is really amazing. Full marbling, incredible taste and all the health of grass-fed. Shares are $505 for a 65lb box of steaks, roasts, ground and stew cuts. This share will be available for pick-up in November. Reserve now. Please follow this link to sign up.

Pastured Chicken Share -Two Coves Farm in Harpswell raised these for us on pasture with organic grain. Full size birds with great flavor, this is what chicken is meant to be. Shares are $125 for 3 whole and 5 halves. Available now until we sell out. Sign up here  or talk to us a pick-up.

Pastured Pork Share- Our own pork raised last fall on hay and organic grain. Shares are $185 for 22 lbs of chops and ground. Sign up here  or talk to us a pick-up.

10lb Ground Pork Pack- Our own ground pork 10lbs in 1lb packages for $78. Sign up here  or talk to us a pick-up.

These shares are available to non-csa members as well so feel free to spread the word!

What's in the Share...






Bok Choi



Various winter squash