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Sorry we were not able to throw the potluck this past Sunday –ah the weather.

Change of seasons is underway at the farm. Leaves are brilliant the wind has a nip but the clearest sign autumn is here are the clothing habits of the farm crew. We all layer on the clothes for the cold mornings, peel most of them off for midday and try to remember which truck, field or barn we left them in come the afternoon. Nothing beats the clear air this time of year. All the colors pop (even the grays in the clouds) and I find myself forgetting what I’m doing, watching the sky roll by again and again.

The seasonal transition will be apparent in your share this week as well. You’ll find the first dose of fall roots with turnips and celeriac leading up the charge (get your cookbooks ready). Leeks return this week as we move into our fall planting and peppers continue for one last week; a final reminder of the warm weather that has gone by.

This week is the week to throw yourself wholeheartedly into fall vegetables. If you can get creative with turnips and celeriac now you’ll be able to carry that gusto right into winter, when these crops re about all we have for local produce! The easiest way to start with these vegetables is to cube them (peel the celeriac first) with potatoes and toss them with olive oil. Then roast them with salt, pepper, and maybe some cumin or paprika in a 425 degree oven for 30-40 minutes (turning after 20) or until they are tender and starting to brown. Look for more recipes on our website www.crystalspringcsa.com.

Fall, while beautiful, can be a tiring season for our bodies. The changes in light and temperature can wear us down. In addition to fresh produce and slowing down our pace a bit, our family uses herbal extracts to stay healthy and strong as we prepare for winter. Maura has been making herbal tinctures for the family from plants grown here on the farm and this year has made some extra to offer to all of you. We will have tinctures of oats and sacred basil for sale at pick-up beginning this week through the end of the year. Oats are a nerve tonic and help relieve stress and exhaustion. Sacred Basil is also regenerative and can help relieve anxious insomnia, sharpen the mind and boost immune systems.

Thanks to all of you for your well wishes on my coming trip to Africa. I will be leaving a week from today and returning October 30. I’m really looking forward to applying some of my soils and plant skills where they will make a big impact. We’ll be sure and send an update on the trip when I return. In the meantime Maura and the farm crew will keep the place spinning like a top.

Potato Alert Continues! More potatoes. Keep eating them! Please refrigerate the spuds if you are not going to eat them in the first day or two. Please don’t compost these potatoes! They will grow next year and spread the disease.

CSA sign-up for 2010 underway. Sign up now with a deposit and get on the easy winter payment plan. A $100 deposit will hold your share with payments not due until February, April and June of next year. Many thanks to all of you who have signed up again already.

Organic/low spray apples, pears and cider for sale this week from our friends at Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus.

Crystal Spring whole and half lambs. We still have lamb available for a winter delivery date. See us at pick-up for all the details.

Crystal Spring Farm Honey from bees here at the farm now available in ½ lb and 1lb. sizes. Allergies? Repertory issues? Local honey can help ease problems with local pollens, molds and other airborne troublemakers. If fall is your time to suffer, try some local honey.

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