May updates…

So everyone wants to know how the farm and the farmers are dealing with this unbelievable weather.  Over the past few weeks we have been cycling between frustration, confusion, anger, acceptance, surrender, hope, and gratitude.  We are thankful that you, our members, are with us as a part of the farm and sending your friends our way to join the CSA.  We are thankful that our soils drain well, making it possible to plant potatoes, onions, summer squash, leeks, beets, carrots, flowers, greens, cabbage, broccoli, parsnips, radishes and tomatoes. The greenhouse is filled with even more crops waiting for the ground to warm.  And we have three hoop houses in the field filled with tomatoes.  We have four amazing women working for us this year and their spirits have not been dampened by the clouds.  Given the high number of natural disasters in the United States and abroad – this spring alone – we are grateful for all that we have.

Summer will come.  We may have to use our imaginations at this point. Long stretches of difficult weather this time of year can push farmers into tough spots. The process of growing a steady supply of produce requires tight scheduling of seedlings in the fields and greenhouse. Missed dates of crops sown directly into the fields means those crops will come in for harvest later. Missed planting dates for crops coming out of the greenhouse means those crops have to stay healthy and strong while they wait. Luckily we are blessed with great soils here at Crystal Spring that are sandy and fertile, meaning they dry relatively quickly when the sun finally comes out. We know many Maine farmers who have yet to be able to get anything in the ground.

Shares for 2011 still available! Many thanks to those of you who have sent your friends our way for a farm share.  We are so appreciative.  We have shares available.   Let us know if we can email you a PDF brochure for your office or neighbors.  Please see our last blog post for more info on why we love to grow for the CSA and what makes it a great value.

Fish and Lobster. Fish and lobster shares will be available staring in June. The Port Clyde CSF (community supported fishery) will be delivering fish share to Crystal Spring again this year on Tuesdays. You can order your share week to week and pay online. Check out their website

Fresh local lobster! Call in your order the same morning as your farm pick up and it will be here waiting for you!  It can’t get any easier.  New this year we are hosting the Interstate Lobster Co-op who will be delivering pre-ordered lobster to the CSA each week. This co-op is based in Harpswell and is made up of over 30 local lobstermen who land their catch right down the peninsula. They will be packing lobsters for delivery to the farm that have been landed that day. Look for brochures with more info at the farm. Their number will be posted on our website under the “buy local” tab.

The million dollar question: When we will start the farm harvest & distributions? We will email and give a phone call to let you know.  We’re still hoping for early June.

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