Hot, Dry and Normal?

Thankfully the heat and dry of the past couple weeks has come to an end. We survived the sweat-soaked days but it is good reminder of why we live in Maine and not Virginia (although if the climate does continue to change maybe this will be the new norm).  We have been irrigating everyday for the past ten days trying to keep ahead of the dry wind. Here’s a shot of our leeks getting a much needed drink. The farm has but one irrigation well and it yields 45 gallons a minute. This may seem like a lot but when we’re trying to put an inch of water a week on 10 acres of vegetables it goes very slowly. Mostly we are doing very well with the weather, but the greens in your share will be a bit thin this week. We had some lovely red oak leaf lettuce that we planned to harvest this morning but the cooler weather came too late and we found our 275 heads bolted.  There are some very nice looking greens plantings coming up and we hope to have more of them in your share soon. Our old friend chard is thriving. Running out of creativity with chard? Look at our collection of recipes or jump onto the the csa facebook group for fresh inspiration.

Sweet onions are with us again this week and should be a regular part of your share for the next few weeks. Try them right on a sandwich or on the grill  – they are gifts of summer. Green peppers and eggplant have started and we have a mix and match this week so you should be going home with one or the other. The quantities on both should be increasing in the weeks to come. There is also more basil this week so find find your favorite pesto recipe, or ours: pesto . Great in the freezer to enjoy in cooler months!  Please DO NOT refrigerate your basil!  It is a hot weather crop and will turn black in a day at temps below 45 degrees. The best way to keep it fresh if you can’t use it right away is to trim the stems and put it in water on your counter.

Beans Step Up, Peas Die Back

Sadly the peas have come to an end. They were great while they lasted and we were a bit surprised that they held on so long in the heat. The good news is that beans are ready. Look for the signs in Upic.

Order Pork Now!

Whole and half pigs are available for pre-order. These are our own pigs raised here at the farm and processed however you like at a USDA inspected butcher. This is a great deal for high quality pork for your freezer this winter. Bacon, ham, sausage and ribs all processed and packed as you like. Neighbors and families can split halves or quarters. Whole pigs are $3.50/lb. hanging weight and halves are $3.75. Talk to us at pick-up for more details.

What’s in Upic?


Cilantro (in flower)






What’s in the Share?

Sweet Onions

Summer Squash






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