The pace is brisk…

We have to rein in our newsletter writing this week as we are busy… Here’s a bullet point look at the week ahead:

  • Bring bags for your produce if you can.  We did order some bags, but the wrong sizes arrived and we haven’t received the new order yet.
  • Nicole is on vacation this week, making our five-person crew a busy four.
  • Eggplant and peppers are starting to come in heavy, look to the website for recipes.
  • Cukes are multiplying like rabbits!   Maura made a delicious & refreshing agua fresca with them yesterday….
  • Carrots are here! One of our favorite staples have arrived.
  • We had 0.8 inches of rain last wednesday. The crops loved it. So did the weeds! Come help Wednesdays at 9am.  Immediate gratification and fun!
  • 45 young farmers came to the farm Monday to see our weed control/rotation systems.
  • We have harvested our first handful of ripe tomatoes…they will be in your share soon!
  • Cantaloupes look great. They are turning and getting close.
  • Storage onions, many tons of them, will be coming out of the field and going into the green house to cure next week.
  • Blueberry orders start this week. These are the same great organic berries we have brought in the past couple years from Stoneset Farm in Brooklin Maine. Pre-order by the quart ($8.75) or the 5 pound box ($24). We freeze  them right in the 5 # box and add them to everything (literally) through the winter. Our family of four goes through 25 pounds each winter.
  • Pork order forms available at pick-up. Reserve your whole or half pig now! Talk to us at pick-up for more details.

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