August 15

It appears (now that us farmers are back from vacation) that summer is starting to wind down.  The temperatures are getting mild and weight of your share is going up. Look for a few new things this week, most notably cantaloupe, leeks, celery, and our first ceremonial tomato of the year.

Our tomato plants are just starting to produce so the single tomato this week is just a teaser…

Onion harvest party

Come join in for onion harvest this Thursday 9am in the field. We will be harvesting our storage onion crop this Thursday and bring them into the greenhouse to cure for the next few weeks. This is a great time to get out in the field and jump in with the crew. If you have been avoiding weeding -this is your task! Look for us in the first field on the left coming from town on Pleasant Hill Road. We’ll be the ones with the orange tractor.

Pigs still available…

If  you’re on the fence about getting a whole or half pig come talk with Seth this week at pick-up. This is a great way to fill your freezer with ham, pork chops and bacon, bacon, bacon for the winter. Each whole or half is processed as you like (more ribs, fewer chops, etc.) and vacuum sealed for long-term quality in the deep freeze.

Labor on Labor Day

Mark your calendars for our annual csa potato harvest. Join the farmers in the field on Monday, September 5th at 9am. In years past this has been our biggest (and best) event for CSA members to get out into the fields and harvest. Last year we brought in over 10,000 pounds of spuds in just 2 hours! More about this in coming newsletters.

Blueberries…the saga continues

The weather is not working with our blueberry farmers this year. Stoneset Farm rakes and cleans berries the day before they deliver to us but if the berries aren’t dry they turn to mush.  Rain has again delayed the harvest.  If you are planning on picking up berries this Tuesday (16th) your berries will be delivered on Friday (19th) instead.  If for some reason you can’t come Friday we’ll hold them over for you in the freezer.  As of right now we can’t take any more orders for berries.  If you ordered at the farm this past Tuesday or Friday your orders will be delivered on Friday.  If you ordered via email last week we will not be able to fill your orders with this week’s delivery.  Stoneset Farm is done for the season and due to the rain can’t fill any more orders. We are working on a second farm that may be able to deliver the following week. We’ll keep you posted…

What’s in Upic…


Cherry Tomatoes (just starting…)




What’s in the share…









Summer squash





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