Frosty Cider

This past Friday evening we were touched by our first frost. This is the earliest we have had in our eight years growing at Crystal Spring and came as a surprise. This time of year is always up and down with temps and the plants usually are ready for the cold. Luckily we had had a few cold nights prior to the frost and the hardy vegetables did fine.  The only real visible damage was in the vines of the sweet potatoes as they sit low to the ground where the cold air settles.  The burning they sustained should not affect them in the long run as long as we will get them out of the ground before the real frosts arrive in October.

Thanks to all of you who have signed up for next year’s share. We love being your farmers.

Cabbage returns this week. This time it’s Red! When in doubt shred it, dress it and go.  Mark Bittman, famed pragmatist chef, has a great article on stuffed cabbage that is easy for those of you with more cabbage than you know what to do with…click here.

Bring Bags!

Please remember to bring bags to pick-up. We do have bags here but the more recycling we can do the better! Many folk also bring their own tupperware containers of ziplock bags and put their greens right into them. Thanks.

Apples, Pears and Cider!

Add the world’s best unpasteurized cider to the low-spray Paula Red apples and Clapp’s pears from our friends Jill and Charlie at Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus and you’ll know you’re in heaven.

Apple Picking

Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus on Rt. 9, just off the turnpike is the place to pick apples this fall. This rolling farm has beautiful orchards and Jill shuttles everyone out to the trees on her horse-drawn wagon on Saturdays and Sundays. Here’s the link to their location Willow Pond.

Sign up for your 2012 CSA Share

Please consider signing up now for next season’s share. Your commitment now allows us to spend our time over the winter planning and working to improve the farm instead of marketing. Pass the word on to friends as well! Talk to us at pickup for more details.

What’s in Upic?


Fall Peas (one pint please)



What’s in the share?


Red Peppers



Bok Choi

Lettuce Mix

Lettuce Heads




Red Cabbage

Mix and Match Potatoes

Yellow/Red Onions

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