Endings and Beginnings (and kids book reading!)

With the beautiful weather of the past few days it’s hard to believe that we had a frost last week, or that October is just days away.  The transition from summer to fall that is upon us has taken hold of the the farm harvest list as we move into leeks and celeriac and pick our last tomatoes of the season.

It has been a good run with tomatoes this year, a full six weeks of harvest, averaging 4 pounds a week. We trialed many new varieties with hopes of finding a handful that could not only survive unrelenting disease pressure, but also burst with flavor.  Of the four “beefsteak”varieties, only two really had the right taste and texture. We also tried paste tomatoes this year with some success, although the flavor dynamic needs improving here as well.  In addition to finding disease resistant varieties we also tried grafting some of our heirloom favorites to heartier rootstock.  This technique has been practiced with fruit trees for decades but is relatively new for tomatoes.  Our own attempt was a huge success and favorites like brandywine and green cherokee flourished.  We hope to expand our heirloom growing next year now that we have a grafting as a tool to beat disease.

You’ll find the last tomatoes of the year this week in your share.  In addition to red tomatoes we have also picked a few green tomatoes for those of you that have been asking about them.  The late tomatoes would never ripen in time for the coming cold, dark weather so we’re glad a few of you will enjoy them.

Apples, Pears and Cider!

More great fruit from Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus. Cortland apples replace the Paula Red apples we’ve had the past couple weeks. Cortlands are good all-purpose fruit with bright white flesh that is slow to oxidize. This will be the last week for the Clapp’s Favorite pears so enjoy them while you can. The world’s best cider flows on. If you haven’t tried Willow Pond’s unpasteurized local cider you might as well spend fall in Florida. This stuff is amazing and puts that “cooked” stuff in the stores to shame.

Apple Picking

Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus on Rt. 9, just off the turnpike is the place to pick apples this fall. This rolling farm has beautiful orchards and Jill shuttles everyone out to the trees on her horse-drawn wagon on Saturdays and Sundays. Here’s the link to their location Willow Pond.

Wolf Pine Winter CSA share Delivered Here!

Get the best Maine has to offer this winter by joining the Wolf Pine Winter CSA. Wolf Pine grows storage produce and buys from other great farmers to make up their winter CSA. The shares are boxed and delivered to Crystal Spring every three weeks November through May.  Option for local meat and pantry shares available. Read more and sign up at Wolf Pine’s website.

Sign up for your 2012 CSA Share

Sign up now for next season’s share. Your commitment now allows us to spend our time over the winter planning and working to improve the farm instead of marketing. Pass the word on to friends as well! Talk to us at pickup for more details.

What’s in Upic?



What’s in the share?


Red Peppers




Yellow Onions




Bring Bags!

We have run out of bags and the fancy biodegradable ones we’ve ordered will not be in until the end of the week…Thanks!

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