Season Turns Towards Gratitude

With fall officially (and firmly) upon us we have spent the past week gearing up for the coming winter. Tomatoes are done for the year, cucumbers and zucchini are a distant memory and the beans and peas have faded from the upic field. On the surface this time of year is a bit sad for all of us, the passing of our favorite weather and the foods that come with it is wistful. Looking a little deeper I alsways find I am a bit excited for the first flakes of snow, days by the fire and a changing of gears from the outward drive of summer to the inward relaxation of the colder months.

These next few weeks are like a grand bon voyage party before all of us retreat inside. Maura and I will miss all of your faces, the conversations had and the daily interactions in the dooryard or on Maine Street. This is the time to give thanks for the relationship we have with all of you, a relationship that is somewhat unique in this world of global markets and internet transactions. Unlike the swipe of a credit card at Hannaford, your share brings you to this beautiful farm every week during the summer to relax, watch the animals, pick some flowers and just exhale. Your membership in this CSA is right in front of you each week. The $515 for each share goes towards seed from Maine seed houses, soil and compost from Maine and Vermont, wages for our hardworking crew, rent to the best local land trust in the state and support for this farm family. We are ever so grateful you make the choice to support what we do and in return we do our very best for you.

Conventional wisdom in the past few years has started to turn the nation towards knowing where your food comes from. Writers like Michael Pollan and Barabara Kingsolver  have directed the conversation in favor of “knowing your farmer” while films like “Food Inc.”, “Fresh”, and “King Corn” have helped us all see what’s wrong with trusting disconnected, profit-only corporations to make qualitative decisions about food, health and caring for our soils. As the greater nations talks and thinks about these things all of you are ahead of the curve. Putting your money where your mouth is and reaping the rewards.

Many thanks to all of you who have renewed your membership in the CSA for next year. Your are the foundation that we build the year’s work upon.

Celebrate Celeriac

Celeriac makes its appearance this week. This starchier and sweeter version of celery is a great addition to anything that goes in the oven. We roast them in 1″ slices, boil them with potatoes when we’re making mashed or grate them right into our favorite soups. To prepare peel the rough skin away and slice chop or grate away. Here’s a few of our favorite recipes.

Mac Apples and Cider!

More great fruit from Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus. Macintosh apples replace the Cortlands we had last week.  The world’s best cider flows on. There is nothing better for what ails ya. My doctor is under strict instructions to transfuse me with this stuff if I’m injured.

Apple Picking

Willow Pond Farm in Sabattus on Rt. 9, just off the turnpike is the place to pick apples this fall. This rolling farm has beautiful orchards and Jill shuttles everyone out to the trees on her horse-drawn wagon on Saturdays and Sundays. Here’s the link to their location Willow Pond.

Wolf Pine Winter CSA share Delivered Here!

Get the best Maine has to offer this winter by joining the Wolf Pine Winter CSA. Wolf Pine grows storage produce and buys from other great farmers to make up their winter CSA. The shares are boxed and delivered to Crystal Spring every three weeks November through May.  Option for local meat and pantry shares available. Read more and sign up at Wolf Pine’s website.

Sign up for your 2012 CSA Share

Sign up now for next season’s share. Your commitment now allows us to spend our time over the winter planning and working to improve the farm instead of marketing. Pass the word on to friends as well! Talk to us at pickup for more details.

What’s in Upic?



What’s in the share?

Red Peppers



Mixed Potatoes

Red Onions





Lettuce heads


Bring Bags!

We have run out of bags and the fancy biodegradable ones we’ve ordered have still not arrived…Thanks!

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