This past week was hot. Really hot. Quite hot for stacking a thousand hay bales in the barn, picking over 600 pints of strawberries, planting half an acre of winter squash, harvesting 250 lbs of lettuce and an endless list of smaller tasks in between. Here we are a few days later, wet and cold, and that heat seems a bit like a dream.

No matter the weather the great trick on the farm is the constant jockeying of tasks, one after the other, to get everything done before its too late. I have often said the best farmers multitask in their sleep but I think what they really do to make a season successful is more like trying to walk fast, without running. Each task we do on the farm requires our full attention. Whether it’s stacking hay straight and square on a pile that is over 30 feet high, cutting 150 lettuce heads that are just the right size from a bed of 1200 or running a tractor in a straight line at .35 miles per hours while your friends transplant squash off the rear, you can’t daydream. Like walking fast these tasks require us to focus and move quickly but if we try to run and get to the next project we miss all the details that make the job worth doing in the first place. There is still the problem of whether to look at our feet or stare straight ahead when walking fast…but generally we get where we’re going in one piece.

Farm Camp.

Farm Camp is in full swing with the second session running this week. In one day our young farmers have picked over a ton of rocks out of two 200 foot beds, pulled old lettuce and asian greens out of a greenhouse getting ready for our summer basil crop and moved the lambs from pasture to pasture. All in a days work.

We’ll open up the field strawberries again this week. The rain has not done them any good but there are still quite a few down there. Talk to us at pick-up for more details.

 What’s in this week’s share?



Purple scallions

Lettuce heads


Upic strawberries

See you at the farm.

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