Fall is here. These beautiful days we have been enjoying are some of my favorite of the year. The sun is still warm enough to make us sweat but the nights are cool and the air is dry.  We woke up Monday morning to our first frost of the year. It was light and gone by 9 am but was enough to put a little color on the basil and keep us out of the fields until the sun had warmed everything up. I have yet to see a frost, light or not, this early before.  The farm  crew is beginning to question both my memory and my honesty as many times I as I have said “I’ve never seen this before.”   It’s never boring at the farm.


Russet spuds arrive in your share this week. This is the all time best baking potato, so fire up the oven to 400 on one of these cold nights, rub the potatoes with butter or oil and let them go for 30-45 minutes. There will be more of these to come so enjoy.

Tomatoes Continue

The cold and dry has slowed the spread of late blight in our houses and we are picking fruit that is just starting to turn and letting them finish ripening in the barn. Enjoy these with the last round of basil this week.

Squash Cures

We hope to start sending out squash next week. We finished harvesting last Friday and will let them cure and sweeten before they arrive in your share.

What’s In Upic…



Whats in the Share…

Russet Potatoes




Asian Greens



Lettuce Mix


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