The End of the Season

The last week of the season has arrived and with the last harvest we hope to send you home with some great produce and a feeling of accomplishment.  Whether his is your ninth year with us or your first there’s reason to pause, reflect and celebrate having eaten your way through a  Maine summer.  We as a society spend so much time rushing from one experience to the next, rarely having time or consciousness to devote to processing or feeling what is happening along the way. Having a CSA share can be one of or maybe our only experience where we look, feel, and taste the season as it’s happening.  Hopefully you can look back on the past months and mark at least a few of the days with the meals that you’ve had from your produce from the farm.

As farmers, we can definitely link many days with the meals we’ve had whether at our weekly crew lunches, nightly family dinner, or taking produce to friends and family.  The great flavor of his years tomatoes alone fill my mental calendar for August and September. We also have the weekly experience of watching you take our work home to share and enjoy and in the cold days ahead that, as much as the meals, keeps us warm and keeps us working and dreaming up the flavors of the season to come. Happy eating.

Goodbye to a Friend

The farm lost a good friend this last week with the passing of Larry Nies.  Larry and his family have been members of the farm for many years. He and his share partner Fred were always the first faces in the door each Tuesday, and in true New England Early bird fashion, they were 5 minutes early! Always warm and excited, and usually with a question about the food or fields Larry could be counted on for a positive spin on the weather or the produce.  Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. He will be missed here at the farm.

Sign-up for 2013!!

If you are thinking about a share again for next year I encourage you to take a moment to sign up this week.  We have the longest wait list we have ever had and will begin taking new members this week.  A separate email will include all the details, including a link to sign up online.  You can always give us a check at distribution to hold your spot if that is easier for you.  We’ll be available to answer any questions.

THANK YOU to all of you who have signed up to join us again!


Here’s a link to our annual survey. It’s very short and is quite helpful for us as we look back over the season and plan the year to come.  We will also send out the link in a separate email.

Winter Eating

Our friends Tom and Amy of Wolf Pine Farm down in Alfred, Maine are offering a winter CSA share that will be delivered to Crystal Spring every 3 weeks during the winter.  Local produce, eggs, meat and bread are available in this share and its a great way to stay connected to Maine’s farms even though the snow is deep. Check out their share at

Thank you for a great season – for showing up and for making this community farm successful for us all.  We will continue to be in touch over the coming weeks and months ahead.

What’s in the share…

Pumpkins -2 per share, share on or both with larger families at our pumpkin swap table.







Lettuce mix



Sweet potatoes

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