We are busy these days. So busy in fact I have just enough time for a nuts and bolts newsletter this week.

Kohlrabi, It’s Not Just for Aliens Anymore

This is a great vegetable. Peel it and grate, slice, or julienne it into salads, stir fries, or straight into your mouth! Out kids love it sliced with salt and a little vinegar. Here’s the link to the recipe page…

Egg share and Mushroom Shares begin this week…

Talk to us at the farm for more info…

Farm Store Open this Week

Maple syrup, eggs, goat cheese, and our own ground lamb are for sale starting this week. In the weeks to come look for gelato, bacon and sausage, as well as more cheeses…

Pigs Join the Party

10 pigs are part of the farm team as of last week. These guys are busy digging up the winters sheep bedding in the barn but will be heading into the fields soon.


Visit from the Congo

We had a big group of Congolese produce farmers visit last week. They are on a whirlwind trip to the Northeast to tour vegetable farms. We had a great time talking shop and showing them around Crystal Spring.  Farm talk bridges all gaps.

What’s in the share?

Lettuce mix










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