The Weather Breaks

Wet and warm has given way to hot and humid…preferable for plants but not optimum for the humans…

Mid-summer has arrived and we starting the great transition from planting all the time to harvesting all the time. Last week we finished putting in an are of winter squash, our last big crop of the year. We still have small weekly plantings of succession crops like greens and radishes but for the most part we are done adding crops. From here we start harvesting -all the time. At this point we are pulling about 650 lbs. of carrots, 1200 cucumbers, 450 heads  of lettuce, and 450 kohlrabi and each week. Add to this melons, leeks tomatoes and peppers in the weeks to come and you can see we start to have no time to do anything else but try to keep up with the food that is ready!

Multi-Species Interaction

Pigs and sheep are enjoying the summer grasses and both are growing quickly. Look for info on ordering custom pork and lamb in the August!

Peas Give Up

The peas have given up the fight and and succumbed to the heat. Pea root systems sit very close to the surface and are highly affected by heat. The last few days have done them in…

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Summer squash



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