Wet with a Vengeance…

One of the driest Augusts we have had gets to keep it’s record and September now has a leg up in rainfall totals with this massive storm we had this weekend. Over three inches in rain have fallen as of Tuesday am and our fields, know for their sandy (i.e. beach like)  ability to drain have had standing water in most areas at some point. Big rains like this tend to bring big changes to the fields as the high humidity and warm temps work together and kickstart growth bursts as as well as outbreaks of disease this time of year. This system is warm and wet but the weather pushing the clouds out looks dry and cool, which will help slow down the disease pressure a bit.

Potato Harvest Party 2.0

After out first Labor Day rainout in 10 years we are rescheduling the dig for this weekend from 9-11. Please come join us for any or all of the fun during these two hours. Look for the crew in the fields along Pleasant Hill Road towards Brunswick.


While we had to postpone the Labor Day potato party until this next Saturday we were able , thanks to a great group of Bowdoin entering freshmen, get one variety dug last week. These Kueka Gold potatoes are great and can be used for just about anything. We made our first batch of mashed this weekend as the storm lashed outside -nothing better. Try the Recipe for scalloped Kuekas with leeks and cipollini onions here.

Cipollini Onions

These specialty onions have become one of our favorites and they7 are the first to come out of the greenhouse after curing this year. Italian for “little onion” these are sweet and tender and are especially good when roasted, sautéed or even better carmelized.

 More Melons….

Those cantaloupes are still coming. Fewer this week! hopefully you found fruit salad or smoothie to absorb the ones from last week. If you arew melonned out try cubing them and freezing them in a ziplock for a cool smoothie on a hot day…

What’s In Upic?

Cherry Toms

Green Beans



What’s In  The Share This Week?




Baby Bok Choi


Cipolinni Onions
Gold Potatoes

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