Warmth of the Sun

One  morning of frost is a small price to pay for this string of outstanding fall days and nights we have been having.

We have been living it up on the farm these cloudless days. Getting all of our major crops in and slowly beginning the task of closing down the fields bed by bed. This time of year we transition from crazy harvest mode to long-term mode like mowing fields one last time, gathering/organizing equipment and strategizing where all of our stuff will rest for the coming winter. Bring the farm and all of its parts to a slow halt where we can pick them up and use them again next year.

The great weather is giving all of us the chance to dream we are still in living in the Mediterranean with eggplant, fennel, tomatoes and peppers still trickling in. Please make a point to prioritize these ingredients in your cooking so that you can soak up the last of the summer sun and it’s produce together this week.


Sweet potatoes make their first appearance this week after spending the past 10 days sweetening up at 85 degrees in our curing room. This crop, like winter squash, needs to rest for a while after harvest to come into it’s full sweetness. These orange tubers like high temps and humidity to transition their starches to sugars. The process also helps them keep in your kitchen for longer as well. Our favorite way to enjoy these is to brush them with butter/oil and  just roast them at 375 until they are soft and the skin starts to separate from the flesh…

Much Lettuce AgainIMG_4644

So much lettuce right now. All of our leafy heads for the next month are starting to come now so bone up on your vinaigrette recipes and get ready. Aside from all of it coming at once, this is a great crop and has none of the toughness that the post-hard frost heads will in the weeks to come. The heads keep well in plastic bags in your chiller drawer.

Many Thanks

We are so grateful to all of your who have thrown joined the CSA again for the coming year. There has been a record number of sign-ups so far and your enthusiasm has buoyed some tired farmers, giving us vigor to start the process of imagining the bounty another season ahead. If you haven’t reserved your share yet follow this link to our no frills online sign-up page. The process takes just a few minutes and provides easy options to reserve your share for next summer.

Pumpkins No More

After growing jack-o-lanterns for the past ten years we made an executive decision this past winter to drop them from our  list of crops. We have so many great memories of kids picking out their own pumpkins and the site of the hay wagon overflowing with orange was always amazing against the fall leaves but we felt we needed to take this crop off our list. For a couple of functional reasons this growing pumpkins has become tough to justify. One, it requires a lot of space, almost half an acre, and two, it is a huge attractanct and host to one of our more significant pests, the cucumber beetle. We hope this early warning gives you some time to find some local pumpkins before halloween is upon us .


Cherry Toms



What’s in the Share


Sweet Dumpling Squash

Sweet Potatoes

Asian Greens








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