Our Last Week…

IMG_4818All good things must come to an end, and as we start our last week of harvest and CSA distribution….

Thanks to all of your for your support of all of us here and what we do. This is your farm and we are very proud to be your farmers.

This has been a good year for all of us eating what the farm has grown. While every crop didn’t perform perfectly, as farmers we are happy with the season as a whole. This fall has been one of a kind. In the ten years we have farmed here we’ve never seen a September or October that was so dry and so mild.  The greens we have been cutting the last few weeks have been so abundant and such high quality they looked like they were grown in May, not October.

What a gift all of these greens have been. As winter approaches we all have full fridges and can eat healthy, fresh meals when we sit down to eat during our busy  fall days.  Trying each week to either eat or find storage for food, especially greens is challenging.  We hear you and this is our reasoning behind offering these crops in such consistently large quantities – we have it.  In the late summer we plant absurd amounts of greens for the fall, knowing that in a normal year many things will be lost to frost or the disease that come with abundant fall rain. Well this year we had neither and the greens flourished.  Rather than not harvest them at all, we chose to offer them to you. Many of you “old timers” who have been members for many years have learned not to take more than you can use, knowing that much of this overabundance will be passed on to the local food pantry or be added to our compost – which will nourish next years crops.  In seasons past we have also had folks not renew, feeling like “it’s too much.” Please understand that farming is a great gamble and while our experience allows us to beat the odds many times, if you don’t sign up again because we are doing our job too well – we all lose out.

Crop Diversity Blow-out

As you work with your share this week, making meals out of all of these different things please remember to use out website as a resource.  In the right hand menu bar is a recipe listing by vegetable. Each crop has at least two or three ideas and quite often the recipes include other crops from the fall -helping to make great meals with many of your farm ingredients.

What’s Missing

Amongst the bounty of many crops we have had a few conspicuous poor performers this year, butternut squash being the most notable. This crop was a total loss for us due to the heavy rain and heat of July. Other notes are less than expected yields in tomatoes (they tasted great) and onions.

Survey Time

Please take a moment to fill out our annual CSA member survey. We use your responses and ideas to shape the year to come and a few minutes of your time goes a long way to making the farm better each year. Follow this link to the 2013 online form.

Local Pastured Turkey

Our neighbors and fellow farmers Mike and Lucrecia Woodruff here in brunswick raise birds for thanksgiving. Our family has celebrated with their birds for many years and we are always happy. If you are interested call them @ 725.4554

Upic Has Come to an End This Year…

What’s in the Share?


Sweet Potatoes

Winter Squash










Brussels Sprouts



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