Farm Camp Registration & Lamb Open House

Happy March!

We’ll do a more complete newsletter soon but for now, in brief:

Farm Camp

Dates and registration are now available on our website.  The link to that page is here (registration is a link at the bottom of the page)

For 10-12 year olds we are offering an exciting opportunity to join Farmer Seth and the crew.  One week, afternoons only, see the description on the webpage for more info on our Junior Apprenticeship.  We’ll also have some spots open for junior counselors ages 13-16.  Any comments or questions let us know.

Lamb Open House

Come visit the newest members of the farm in the barns.  As of this writing we have 70 lambs with six more ewes still expecting.

Saturday March 15 11-1 open to the public

Sunday March 16 11-1 for CSA members and friends of the farm.  Bring your friends and family.

CSA Memberships

Still available if you have not signed up yet!

Seeding is Underway…

We’ll get some pictures out soon just to prove it to you, that under the frozen tundra, in the warmth of our heated greenhouse, seeding has begun.  Onions, leeks, beets, celariac, flowers and herbs all going in this week.

Spring is fifteen days away folks…here’s hoping!

More coming soon…

Seth & Maura