Falling Forward

Another summer comes to a close and a light frost comes in on cue, even after a couple of blistering days last week. Expect it when you least expect it… Look for great greens in the weeks ahead as we move into our last month of harvests.

We have the last of our tomatoes this week and they are green. Those with some southern roots will look at this with excitement.  True New Englanders – get ready for a taste sensation!  Fried green or pickled tomatoes are a great way to send off this stellar tomato year. Click here for a couple starter recipes. To keep the southern theme going we also have the first installment of our sweet potato crop, fresh from the 85 degree curing room. They are sweet and nutty. Lots of great ways to enjoy these but 40 minutes at 400 degrees, salt and butter can’t be beat.screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-12-43-46-am

Time to Sign Up for Next Season!

It’s been an extraordinary season with some of the best crops of tomatoes, melon and squash we have seen in twenty years of farming. As we work through the unknowns that make up a successful farm season the one thing we can count on is all of you coming to the farm, happy to see what we have done. As  farmers we love knowing exactly where our food is going and sharing stories with you each week about your fantastic grilled veggie pizza, wowing your dinner guests, or the successes in figuring out how to get the kids to eat cabbage (roast it!) In turn, we hope that you value knowing and seeing where your food is grown and the weekly experience of just being here in this beautiful place.  Maura and I hope you will join us again for another year of great food and real community here at Crystal Spring Farm. Follow this link to sign up for the 2017 season.

Oysters come to Crystal Spring

oysters-half-shell-1For few weeks this fall we are offering a preordered oysters from our friend Lincoln Smith and Long Reach Oysters in Harpswell. These are native eastern oysters grown from seed over the past year on rafts off Great Island. We have sampled a few and they are briney with great flavor and good size. They will be delivered to the farm each Friday and ready for CSA pickup. Prices are 1/2 dozen for $9, a dozen for $16 and 3+ dozen for $15/per. Please send me an email order by the end of Tuesday for delivery on Friday. Here’s a link to Lincoln’s website.

What’s in the Share

Lettuce Mix

Asian Greens


Napa Cabbage


Green Tomaotes

Sweet Potatoes




What’s in Upic

Herbs and Flowers…both waning